Wednesday, May 25th | 4PM EST

Join one of Rethink’s Directors of Professional Services, Stephanie Whitley, MEd-BCBA, for an important new webinar on post-secondary transition. It is imperative that we prepare students with disabilities for meaningful employment – this webinar provides actionable steps educators, families and students with disabilities can take to promote a successful post-school employment outcome.

Stephanie will look at current employment statistics and initiatives, as well as, resources for supporting children and adults with disabilities through transition and into the workforce. She will discuss the importance of teaching pre-vocational and vocational skills, and will give ideas of the types of lessons to teach for more successful outcomes.

Parents and Educators will learn:

1) Why employment is so important for individuals with a developmental disability, and the current state of employment opportunities in the United States

2) Tips for assessments and steps in preparing for vocational training

3) Ideas of skills to teach during pre-vocational and vocational training

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Rethink Expert Access Series

Stephanie Whitley, MEd-BCBA

Stephanie is passionate about helping individuals with disabilities realize and achieve their highest level of independence. She is also dedicated to supporting educators and families of people with disabilities through training and advocacy so that they too can support their loved ones in the mission of living happy, meaningful lives. Stephanie currently serves as the Director of Professional Services for Rethink in Texas where she supports districts across the state with providing quality educational outcomes for students of all abilities.
Stephanie has worked in a variety of settings with a vast age range of children and adults of varying abilities. She began her career working in a residential facility for teenagers with emotional behavior disorders. She then worked as a paraprofessional at the pre-school and elementary level before teaching general education in a middle school setting. She went on to serve as a public school special education teacher in self-contained and inclusion classrooms for children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Emotional Behavior Disorders. Before joining Rethink, she ventured into private ABA therapy, working in clinical, community and home settings where she enjoyed collaborating with other professionals and caregivers to provide a full range of services for children and adults.


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Preparing Children for a Successful Transition to the Workforce

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