Paraprofessionals play a critical role in supporting our students and teachers. Paraprofessionals are charged with teaching our students numerous skills, from self-care to functioning independently in inclusion opportunities, but are often not provided the critical professional development they need to be successful in the classroom.
Learn how to implement a simple and powerful training model to help Paraprofessionals succeed.  

In this webinar, Angela will highlight the key responsibilities of paraprofessionals, and review how the "No Child Left Behind Act" defines their roles. She will also help you learn successful models of professional development and discuss important limitations.

Educators will learn:

1) How "IDEA: No Child Left Behind Act" defines key responsibilities for paraprofessionals

2) How to Set up a Successful PD Training Model

3) Important training limitations to keep in mind

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Rethink Expert Access Series

Angela Pagliaro, MA, BCBA

Angela is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Rethink’s Executive Director of Services living and working in New Jersey. She has devoted the last 15 years of her life to working with children with special needs in residential and educational settings.

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Supporting Paraprofessionals for Success
Discover New Strategies for Implementing a Rewarding PD Model

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