Whether our special education students are learning in self contained or inclusion classrooms, maintaining high quality standardized data collection practices is critical to tracking, monitoring, and conveying student progress. Collecting data not only demonstrates and reinforces student learning, but also informs instruction and supports teachers in being reflective about their own practice.

Yet as students move into inclusion settings, and teachers become responsible not only for teaching more students, but sometimes for addressing a wider variety of needs, finding ways to collect and monitor student data can become more challenging. In this webinar Rethink’s Angela Pagliaro discusses strategies for integrating data collection into diverse settings, particularly inclusion classrooms.

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Master Differentiating Data Collection:

About Our Presenter

Angela Pagliaro is Rethink’s Executive Director of Services living in and training and supporting customers in New Jersey. She has devoted the last 15 years of her life to working with children with special needs in residential and educational settings.

Learn Best-Practice Tips for Collecting Data
in Inclusive Settings

Angela Pagliaro, BCBA