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Rethink Ed Women in Leadership Symposium 2019

Save the Date! 2019 Coming Soon!

Date: March 8, 2019
Time: TBA
Location: The Robey Chicago, 2018 W North Ave, Chicago, IL

2018 Guest Speakers

“When you make an observation, you have an obligation”- M.K. Asante.

The glass ceiling exists. Thirty-two women are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and only 23% of school superintendents are women. Women comprise just 20% of Congress. Strong female leaders in our public schools can change this story for the next generation of women. School is where it starts. Female superintendents, chiefs, and directors in education have a unique platform to advocate for change, providing mentorship and visible testimony to the possibilities for women. The next generation of women must know that they have a seat at the leadership table.
Rethink Ed is in the spotlight for the innovative and forward-thinking executive team, made up entirely of women, an anomaly in Ed Tech. Rethink Ed would like to close the leadership gender gap. We are unique in our footprint, with the leadership leveraging the power of technology to provide instructional support, best-practice tools, and research-based content, reaching more children with special needs, than any other solution.

Theme: Pathways towards an Equitable Education: The Next Generation of Women

Guiding Thought Discourse: What are leaders in education doing to assure equity for the next generation of women?
Objective: The Women in Leadership Symposium engages theory in action discourse to improve the educational experiences of female students promoting transformation for the next generation of women.
Goals: Attendees will examine the core capacities in their districts and communities. Core capacities are the building blocks that enable powerful strategies to become actualized. The core capacities to be considered include the processes, people, supports, techniques, structures, plans, and frameworks employed to actualize equity for the next generation of women.
Outcomes: The attendees will share a universal commitment to the goals of increasing academic success for female students, leveraging core competencies and their sphere of influence to impact reform and improve outcomes for the next generation of women.
Rethink Ed will host the Women in Leadership Symposium for the Greater Chicagoland Community.
Rethink Ed will replicate this symposium throughout the U.S. as part of its mission to establish partnerships with districts to advance equity in education through innovative professional learning and programming.

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