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Webinar Recording

A New Prevention Paradigm


December 12th, 2019

This webinar was part of Rethink Ed's SEL Expert Webinar Series

Threats to education include catastrophic violence, substance abuse, trauma and suicide. If these threats are rooted in mental health instability, then how do we develop an effective and efficient prevention paradigm and what is the role of SEL? In this webinar, we will explore the underpinnings of resiliency through a new lens. Participants will learn about the important elements of risk assessment through targeted research on Social and Emotional Learning and walk away with a deeper appreciation for supporting well-being for educators, students and the organization.

About the Presenter

Dr. Jared Scherz is a licensed clinical psychologist, author, and consultant, working with educators for nearly 30 years. From elementary school counselor to founder of the first personal growth and professional platform in education, Dr. Scherz focuses on the intersection of individual wellness and organizational health. Dr. Scherz is a pioneer in psychosocial emotional learning, integrating educator wellness and SEL into a new paradigm. Dr. Scherz believes that self-reflective practitioners are the keys to cultivating environments for academic and psychosocial emotional learning to flourish.

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