Rethink SEL District Administrator Toolkit Preview

Rethink Social & Emotional Learning

Administrator Toolkit

We are excited to share with you a preview of our SEL Administer Tool Kit presented by the former Newtown School Superintendent, Dr. Joseph Erardi. Watch and learn how SEL can help educators and school leaders manage crisis and support Social Emotional Learning.

“Rethink is an SEL PK-12 program solution to schools and the only company that I believe has figured out social emotional learning.” -Joseph Erardi, Jr. PhD (Former Superintendent, Newton, CT)


Presently an executive board member of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), recently retired after 40 years of service to CT children. Dr. Erardi served as a school superintendent for 20 years and spent the last four years of his career leading the rebuild and recovery of the Newtown, CT school district. Dr. Erardi continues to make a difference in the lives of children by speaking across the country on school safety and consulting on best practice with security, social emotional learning, and positive climate and culture. Dr. Erardi has been named as the CT Supt of the Year (2017), the CT PTA Supt of the Year (2016), and the outstanding CT Administrator of the year by both the University of Hartford and Central CT State University. Dr. Erardi remains active in education as an adjunct professor in the CT State University System and by working with numerous Boards of Education as they look to hire their new superintendent. 

Developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, Rethink SEL is a scalable, research-based program that empowers educators to successfully integrate and build a district wide culture around SEL.

The Rethink SEL Difference:

  • Cost effective, on-demand video modules for adult learning aligned to the CASEL Dimensions

  • Fully digital, animated videos and lessons PK-12, including IEP starter goals

  • Incident data tracking and progress monitoring

  • Home and Academic Connections