Supporting Whole Child, Whole School and Whole Community Social, Emotional and Mental Wellness

Rethink Ed is Committed to Supporting Social-Emotional Wellness During School Closures

Fear and anxiety about the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has led to increased stress levels in both children and adults. School closure, abrupt changes in routine and a heightened sense of uncertainty can also have a detrimental effect on the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of students, educators and school staff. As educators work diligently to prepare and implement virtual academic learning plans, it is equally important to have a contingency plan and resources in place for social emotional learning as well. As our nation faces unprecedented school closings due to COVID-19, Rethink Ed is committed to keeping our students learning and providing schools with resources and tools that extend beyond the classroom.

Rethink Ed will provide districts that are planning closures for preventative health measures with a tool kit that will include webinars, whitepapers, tips and strategies for supporting your entire community during this time of uncertainty. We will offer free access to our online Social Emotional Learning Suite through the remainder of the school year. Please contact us for details.

While this is a difficult time, it is important for us all to continue to focus on our physical, mental, and social emotional health and to work on strategies for helping ourselves and others build resilience and community support.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation for managing emotions, having healthy relationships, understanding and empathizing with others, being responsible and safe, and learning to cope with difficult situations and manage our stress, emotions, anxiety, and fear during this unprecedented situation.

Rethink Ed SEL is a comprehensive K-12 online platform that provides many opportunities for students of all ages and abilities, teachers, administrative staff, and parents to develop their social emotional skills. We provide on-demand professional development videos, grade level videos and curriculum that promotes well-being, connectedness and success for all students and adults.

We are committed to supporting you as you navigate through this difficult time.


Rethink Ed Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health is an evidence-based program developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, and designed for every educator and every student. Delivered on a digital platform and designed for easy implementation, Rethink Ed SEL and Mental Health provides a flexible and scalable solution that empowers educators to successfully integrate and build a culture around Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health into their schools.

Rethink SEL Professional Learning

Because the best educators are learners first, Rethink SEL features a course of 38+ on-demand Professional Learning modules that prepare adults to act as role models for the SEL skills they want to see in their students. With the addition of our NEW Mental Health and SEL & Equity strands, Rethink SEL is the flexible and scalable solution to building healthy school climates and environments that support the well-being of all.

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Rethink SEL Student Lessons

Rethink SEL features a comprehensive K-12 student curriculum mapped to CASEL’s core competencies and includes lessons in 5 categories that promote awareness of self and others, self-management, social skills, social awareness, and self-care. Our curriculum offers individualized lesson plans for all tiers of learners.

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Rethink Mental Health Suite

With 50% of all mental illnesses starting before age 14, mental health issues affect the entire community. To effectively support the whole child, we need to address the needs of both adults and students. The Rethink Mental Health Suite will provide a comprehensive solution that provides a framework for schools' mental health and wellness instruction and knowledge.

Topics covered will include:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • Bullying and Violence Prevention
  • Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Prevention
  • Coping with and Overcoming Trauma
  • How Technology Can Change Your Life
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