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Rethink Social & Emotional Learning

Fully digital PK-12 SEL Solution designed for every educator and every student.

Rethink Ed SEL is an evidence-based program developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, and designed for every educator and every student. Delivered on a digital platform and designed for easy implementation, Rethink Ed SEL provides a flexible and scalable solution that empowers educators to successfully integrate and build a culture around Social and Emotional Learning into their schools.

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Rethink SEL Aligns with New York Social Emotional Goals:

Find out how Rethink Ed’s SEL Solution meets NYS Social Emotional Goals outlined in the information to follow. Each NYS Goal is paired with a Rethink Ed SEL lesson to support success with the newly identified NYS Social Emotional Goals and Objectives.

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Rethink SEL Meets the 9 New York State Mental Health Core Concepts:

Now is the time to combat the stigma around the topic and open up dialogue about mental health. New York State's new law requires school districts to add mental health instruction to health education classes for all students K-12.

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Rethink SEL In Action!

City School District of New Rochelle (NY) Partners with Rethink Ed to Roll Out New Learning Initiative.

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New Rochelle Public School District →


Rethink Ed is an approved New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Provider!


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