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Rethink Social & Emotional Learning

Developed by a diverse panel of educational experts, Rethink SEL is a fully digital PK-12 SEL Solution Aligned with New York State SEL Learning Goals & Mental Health Standards.

Rethink SEL Professional Development

On-Demand Teacher Training Series: Developed by field experts and grounded in the five core competencies of the Center for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL, 2017), the teacher training series is designed to provide educators with efficient, targeted instruction of the elements and indicators of each CASEL competency.

Sample SEL Educator PD Video Lesson: Stress Management


Rethink SEL Curriculum and Lessons:

Written by experts in the field, every lesson plan breaks down the target skill to enable developmentally appropriate scaffolding of student learning. This tiered approach moves a beginner student through a skill incrementally or allows the teacher quick access to higher level processing and integration of a skill.

Sample SEL Student Videos: Stress Management General Education 6-8


Sample SEL Student Videos: Stress Management Special Education 6-8