Supporting Broward County Public Schools

Fear and anxiety about the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have led to increased stress levels in both children and adults. School closures, abrupt changes in routine and a heightened sense of uncertainty can also have a detrimental effect on the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of students, educators and school staff. As educators work diligently to prepare and implement virtual academic learning plans, it is equally important to have a contingency plan and resources in place for social emotional learning. Broward County Public Schools and Rethink Ed are collaborating to deliver Social and Emotional learning supports for all educators, students and care-givers that promote well-being, connectedness, and success for all students and adults.

Rethink Ed SEL is a comprehensive K-12 online platform that provides many opportunities for students of all ages and abilities, teachers, administrative staff, and parents/caregivers to gain Social Emotional Learning supports. Educators and caregivers will have access to on-demand videos and resources to help them manage their own mental health and wellness. They will also have access to all of the instructional materials, lessons, and activities to implement with their students/children. Students will have direct access to their grade level videos and activities through the student center.

While this is a difficult time, it is important for us all to continue to focus on our physical, mental, and social emotional health and to work on strategies for helping ourselves and others build resilience and community support. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation for managing emotions, having healthy relationships, understanding and empathizing with others, being responsible and safe, and learning to cope with difficult situations and manage our stress, emotions, anxiety, and fear during this unprecedented situation.

Learn About Rethink 
This overview video provides a quick look into the Rethink Social Emotional Learning Platform.

Our Solution
This page provides information about the on-demand professional development videos, grade level videos and curriculum that is available on the Rethink Ed platform. These resources promote well-being, connectedness, and success for all students and adults.

Principal Introduction
This introduction will support principals with an overview of Rethink SEL, introduce them to supports that are included with their access, and benefits of using SEL during remote learning for educators, staff, students and parents/caregivers. 

Download Here

Educator Guide
This detailed guide shares some helpful links and step-by-step instructions to assist you and your classrooms with online learning using Rethink Ed. Learn how to navigate the platform, access the student activity center, curriculum, and some helpful tips on teaching SEL lessons from Rethink Ed via learning management systems such as Canvas or Google Classroom.

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SEL Distance Learning for Educators
In light of recent widespread school closures, we have created a schedule of live educator trainings hosted by Rethink Ed Professionals. Training sessions are offered at two different ability levels; basic, and advanced. Rethink Ed Professionals will be hosting trainings on the Zoom conferencing application. Zoom is available for download here. It is free and you do not need to create an account to join these meetings.

Using Rethink Ed: SEL Basics
For educators who are new to Rethink Ed SEL or those who would like a quick refresher. 

During this webinar, educators will receive an introduction to the Rethink Ed SEL platform and will cover foundational components to support their students, parents and own well-being during school closures and remote learning.

Duration: 45 minutes  Sessions are accessible only at the date and time they begin
Mon         9 AM EST     Join Live Training            
Tues        2 PM EST     Join Live Training             
Wed         9 AM EST     Join Live Training             
Thurs       2 PM EST     Join Live Training             

Using Rethink Ed: SEL Advanced
For educators who have completed Rethink Ed SEL Basics or for experienced users.

During this webinar, educators will dive deeper into the Rethink Ed SEL platform and will learn strategies for incorporating Rethink Ed SEL content into remote learning opportunities for their students.

Duration: 45 minutes  Sessions are accessible only at the date and time they begin
Mon        10 AM EST     Join Live Training              
Tues        3 PM EST      Join Live Training              
Wed        10 AM EST      Join Live Training              
Thurs       3 PM EST      Join Live Training              

Parent & Caregiver Resource Page
This page has a collection of Rethink Ed Toolkit resources for parents and caregivers. This includes webinars, videos, guides, blog posts, and other resources that will work to support you during this time of distance learning.

Learn How to Access Rethink Ed Here